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Posted by S2C Staff, Last modified by Sebastian Lee on 26 August 2016 02:59 AM

You can control which "Users" and which "Admins" get Email Notices.

1. You can control this at the time you are uploading by choosing "Send Upload Email Notice:" and Select "No" or "Yes"

2. Set the Default at the "User" or "Admin" level   

  • If you don't want a "User" to get an email notice when documents are uploaded.   

a. User Logins/User List/I'm an Admin or Super Admin/Mouse over User "Name"/Edit User/ Say "No" or "Yes" to "Document Access Notice"


  • If you don't want an "Admin" to get a notice.   

b.  Administration Drop Down/Admin List/Actions/Edit User/ Say "No" to "Document Access Notice"




Thank you, please call in or Submit a Ticket or ask for Live Support if you have any questions.



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